First Lucky Holdings Corp. (FLHC) is a privately owned holding company led by Martin P. Lorenzo, a born entrepreneur who thrives on challenges and draws inspiration from finding new ways of creating value in diverse business ventures. Known for infusing new energy into otherwise "sleeping giants," Lorenzo has applied his business savvy to strengthening companies such as Macondray and Del Monte, and to revitalizing restaurant brands such as Pancake House, Teriyaki Boy, and Yellow Cab. In most cases, his management teams either turned the business around or propelled it toward dynamic growth. Along the way, they provided gainful employment to thousands and contribute toward economic development. The new organization in FLHC is inspired by the belief that the Filipino entrepreneur is a survivor and an innovator who creates his own opportunities for growth. They aim to support these entrepreneurs by focusing FLHC's investments in three areas that are essential to a healthy and sustainable economy: Food. Finance. Formation.